"...the rainy day came sooner than we could have ever imagined. The first time we heard about the Down the Block group...we were thinking about how we would contribute to such a great cause. Then 4 weeks later, our financial income was sliced in half...we remembered Down the Block... We are forever indebted to this group for covering our shortfall during our setback, so quickly, and discreetly. As residents of Millburn, we will always contribute to this group to help other individuals get back on their feet...Thanks a million, Down the Block."
-- Family going through a difficult time
"As a Husband and a man, it's not often that we would choose to seek help to take care of our family. At this critical time, I had to swallow my pride, and reach out to Down The Block. I am very thankful to the Board of this organization, for their discretion and their choice to assist my family, so quickly. Sincerely grateful."
“When my world was crumbling beneath me, Down the Block pulled me to a higher ground... It is because of them that I am still standing.”
"By keeping the names of the applicants confidential, you make it easier for people to come forward and not feel embarrassed. You allow them to seek help and keep their dignity. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”
“During these tough times when things appear to be out of control, it is good to know that your neighbors can help out a less fortunate one... Truly needed a lifeline and got one to hang onto through the stormy times.”
"I do have to say that I don’t think I would have made it thru the winter without the help and kindness from Down the Block. Without your help I know my gas would have been turned off. God bless you all."
“This program is wonderful. Thank you for your kindness, thank you for not making me feel uncomfortable, thank you for listening, thank you for getting to know me as a person who gives her last to others when she has nothing to give to herself. I sincerely pray that those who can donate to this organization do so."
"Thank you and Down The Block so much for being there at a most difficult time in our life. You have come through and it has made all the difference from this being a life changing experience; to hopefully a minor setback in our lives. We feel so blessed to have met you and be part of the amazing community of Millburn and Short Hills. It is our hope, to someday soon be able to contribute something back."